Formosa Plastics Group launches UV LED germicidal sweeping robot next month

- Feb 06, 2020-

Formosa Plastics and Japan ’s Nikkiso cooperation results have been released. It is expected that UV LED sterilization and sweeping robots will be launched in February. Wang Wenchao, an executive member of the Formosa Plastics Group Management Center, turned into a super salesperson while taking advantage of the Taihua annual meeting. It is emphasized that UV LED has the best sterilization effect.

In 2017, Formosa Plastics announced that it has jointly invested in the development of UV-LED application products with Nikkiso. The two parties will set up a joint venture in Taiwan. Formosa Plastics invested 3.6 billion yen, while Nikkiso invested in technology, and both parties held half of the shares. In the future, we will first train troops in the Taiwan and Japan markets and work together to create UV-LED sterilization products. In 2018, the two sides ’joint venture, Fuji Equipment, was established. Currently, Nippon Equipment produces epitaxial wafers in Japan and ships them to Taiwan for packaging by Fryco.

Wang Wenchao is also the chairman of Nanya Optoelectronics. In order to promote his own products, in the past, he donated Nanya Optoelectronic LED bulbs to employees at the annual four-year conference of Formosa Plastics. 10,000 NTD, Fuji equipped with UV LED sterilization sweeping robot.

Wang Wenchao also went to the stage to publicize. He said that the general sweeping robot will raise dust during the sweeping process, but the sweeping robot installed by Fuji will sterilize, and the effect is the best. It only needs NT $ 15,000. Cheap. "

He emphasized that the focus of Fujiji in the future will be on the industrial sterilization application market, such as water treatment. The current stage is in the military training stage. If the sales performance is good, it will not rule out expanding production capacity in Taiwan.