Flashlight precautions

- Jan 18, 2019-

1. The number of heads is moderate. Generally, the household should not exceed 12 heads. The battery used is 2 to 3 knots. It is a little wasteful. It can be used for other special needs.

2. Welding must be strong. Each diode is connected to the circuit board by soldering. If there is a bad solder joint, it may cause the bead to be off or affect the overall use.

3. Focus on the spot of the electric beads as much as possible. This type of flashlight does not adjust the focal length like an ordinary flashlight. When purchasing, be careful not to have astigmatism.

4. The power switch contact should be obvious. This type of flashlight uses a rotary switch. It is tightened and then turned off. If the contact is not obvious, it is easy to cause the phenomenon when it is bright.

5. Pay attention to waterproof. Because it belongs to electronic products, there is a circuit board in front of the flashlight, which is easy to short-circuit once it enters the water, causing damage.