Apple is developing a Micro LED chip quality inspection system, which has been patented

- Mar 10, 2021-

According to foreign media reports, Apple is developing a method to improve the quality control of Micro LED display screens, and has obtained related patents on February 23.

This patented technology can inspect the quality of the Micro LED chip before it is transferred to the display panel, thereby reducing the loss and defect rate of the production process, and helping to improve the reliability and quality of the display.

Apple mentioned in the patent that Pick & Place technology and bonding technology are key technologies in the Micro LED production process, and it is inevitable that the quality of some chips will cause defects during the transfer process and increase the need for repairs. Therefore, it is very important to inspect Micro LED chips during the production process.

Apple recently obtained a patent to solve this problem, the patent is called "Micro LED chip testing" (Micro light emitting diode testing).

In this patent, Apple describes a solution for testing the quality of Micro LED chips. Through specific testing equipment and architecture, the Micro LED chips or row/column drivers are distinguished, tested and accurately positioned before they are transferred to the display panel.

The system is mainly used to detect any defective or unqualified LED chips before the bonding process. Once a problem is detected, the manufacturer can solve the problem more simply and effectively, which helps to improve the yield of the subsequent process and reduce the cost.

Regarding the problematic micro-drive and chip, whenever the test is performed, it can be replaced with a spare micro-drive and chip prepared in the system.

In addition, the testing process can be more specific or divided into different categories. For example, when the brightness of the display screen is lower than the expected brightness level, Apple can further detect whether there is a problem with the LED, or whether a series of LEDs cannot perform at the normal level of performance due to the microdrive.

It is also worth mentioning that on February 20th, Apple has obtained a Micro LED patent named "Stacked Hybrid Micro LED Pixel Structure." Industry analysts speculate that Apple's Micro LED display will be first applied to Apple Watch.

In fact, news about Apple considering the use of Micro LED displays in its electronic products has been endless. Apple has indeed obtained many Micro LED related patents, but it is still uncertain whether it will be applied to Apple products in the future.

Nevertheless, many previous reports are sufficient to show that Apple is seriously considering the use of Micro LED displays on the Apple Watch released in 2023 or 2024. In addition, there is news that Foxconn is working hard to secure orders for the Micro LED display for Apple's iPhone.