ams integrates IR flood lighting to enhance facial recognition and camera 3D functions

- Apr 24, 2020-

Ams has announced the launch of the Merano Hybrid product. This module product integrates all electronic and optical components of the infrared (IR) floodlight and the VCSEL driver into a single tight package, helping OEM manufacturers to easily grasp the popular 3D function.

Lukas Steinmann, vice president of ams and general manager of the 3D sensing module and solutions business unit, said that thanks to ams expertise in advanced optoelectronic technology, the Merano Hybrid module is a mass-production solution with a small area and a VCSEL driver IR floodlighting system. Now, mobile phone manufacturers can significantly reduce development time and reduce the development risk of 3D functions, confidently adopt this commercial floodlighting solution with proven performance.

The energy-efficient 2W Merano-Hybrid is suitable for the latest 3D sensing technology, including time-of-flight ranging (ToF) and structured light methods. Applications such as facial recognition, augmented reality, 3D object scanning and 3D image rendering, as well as other industrial and automotive applications, will all be suitable for Merano Hybrid.

The floodlight illuminator includes an IR laser emitter, a driver to control the operation of the laser, a lens and diffuser for beam formation, and various safety and protection functions, which can provide modulated light output, for example, action The phone's face recognition system detects in real time when the user is using it.

With the introduction of Merano Hybrid, OEMs can use a complete module that can be immediately put into production. The module is packaged in a surface-mounted 5.5mm x 3.6mm package with a height of only 3.7mm. Compared with a large system assembled from separate components, integration in an optimized module package can significantly save space, making the floodlight illuminator system easier to design in the space of mobile phones.

And ams also built a dedicated photodiode and Interlock Loop in the Merano Hybrid module for eye safety monitoring. This greatly reduces the extra engineering effort required by OEMs to obtain Class 1 eye safety certification. (Source: Taiwan New Electronics)