Acuity Brands and Ushio of Japan reached a cooperation to enter the field of UVC

- Jun 12, 2020-

On June 1, American lighting company Acuity Brands announced a strategic cooperation with Ushio America, a U.S. subsidiary of Japan, and Ushio will supply its Care222® UV disinfection module for Acuity Brands. Human skin is harmless, but can inactivate viruses and bacteria on indoor surfaces.

Under the agreement, Acuity Brands will be able to exclusively use Ushio's far-deep UV disinfection modules for general lighting in the North American market, and enjoy non-exclusive use rights in global markets outside Asia. Acuity Brands plans to incorporate these lamps into its product range of ceiling lamps and wall-mounted lamps to reduce pathogens. Acuity Brands is expected to launch lighting fixtures with Care222 modules later in 2020.

It is understood that Ushio's product is an excimer light source lamp, which does not contain mercury, can filter out the longer ultraviolet wavelengths harmful to the human body in the lamp, and finally achieve ultraviolet rays of 222nm narrow band wavelength, which can inactivate viruses And bacteria, effectively inhibit the reproduction of viruses and bacteria.

Public information shows that in recent years, research on the radiation mechanism of light sources has used excimer working materials such as KrF, ArP, NeF and XeCl to manufacture high-power ultraviolet light sources.

According to the news, the results obtained after laboratory tests and clinical studies show that the filtered ultraviolet light emitted by Care222 lamps can reduce the pathogens on the surface, and the use of appropriate parameters will not cause health risks to human skin and eyes. On the contrary, the 254nm wavelength, which is more widely used in many germicidal lamps, may cause acute and chronic damage to the eyes and skin, even if this wavelength can be used in indoor spaces under certain conditions (which greatly limits human exposure).

According to LEDinside, Ushio of Japan announced in April this year that it has jointly studied with Kobe University in Japan to prove that deep ultraviolet radiation with a wavelength of 222nm is harmless to human skin and eyes. In May, Columbia University also announced that it has conducted relevant research and has submitted preliminary results. (Compiled by LEDinside Janice)