Academician Jiang Fengyi won the 2019 Global Semiconductor Lighting Outstanding Contribution Award

- Dec 21, 2019-

On November 25, the International Semiconductor Lighting Alliance (ISA) Member Conference in Shenzhen announced the results of the 2019 "Global Semiconductor Lighting Outstanding Contribution Award", and Academician Jiang Fengyi won the "Global Semiconductor Lighting Outstanding Contribution Award".

Jiang Fengyi has long been engaged in basic research and industrialization of silicon-based gallium nitride LEDs. His research interests include semiconductor light-emitting materials, chips, device physics, and special equipment. He has been authorized 55 Chinese patents and 23 US patents. In recent years, Jiang Fengyi's team has developed LEDs that cover high beam quality of blue, cyan, green, yellow, golden, red, etc., and has launched new series of upstream, midstream, and downstream products such as chips, devices, and lamps. The technological progress and industrialization of GaN-based LEDs have made pioneering contributions.

Jiang Fengyi's award-winning recommender is Professor Nakamura Shuji. The jury believes that the practical mixed-color white LED researched and developed by Jiang Fengyi's team can be adjusted in spectrum without the use of phosphors. The research on basic LED technology has achieved fruitful results and will have a profound impact on future LED lighting sources with higher energy efficiency and finely adjustable spectrum. .

The "Global Semiconductor Lighting Outstanding Contribution Award" is the highest award in the global semiconductor lighting field. It aims to recognize and reward the outstanding contribution to the global semiconductor lighting industry. It has been made in various fields such as scientific discovery, technological innovation, industrial development, standard customization, and policy implementation. Individuals and institutions of excellence. This award recognizes and pays tribute to the outstanding contributors in the field of semiconductor lighting worldwide, thereby inspiring more and more scientists to join this great cause, using their knowledge and innovation to advance the history and create more inspiring The results will benefit mankind and benefit all beings. From the first selection in 2013 (including 2019), a total of 9 individuals including 5 Nobel Prize winners in physics and 5 international organizations have won this honor.