High Power 1W 3W Red Led

The high power red led, high bright lights and low light decay, used with heat sink together.
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High power 1W 3W red led

The high power red led, high bright lights and low light decay, used with heat sink together.

High-power LED products generate a large amount of heat when working and must have good heat dissipation. If multiple products are used at the same time, besides a good heat conduction system, a large area of aluminum or copper shell is required to assist heat dissipation.

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High power 1W 3W red led technical data

ParameterSymbol MaximumUnit
Power DissipationPd1000 mW

Peak Forward Current

(Duty 1/10 @1KHz)

Forward CurrentIF700mA
Reverse VoltageVR5V
Operating Temperature RangeTopr

-40℃ to +100℃

Storage Temperature RangeTstg

-40℃ to + 120℃

Lead Soldering Temperature

[2.0mm from body]


Reflow Soldering : 260 ℃ for 10 sec.

Hand Soldering : 350 ℃ for 3 sec

ParameterSymbol Test ConditionMin.Typ.Max.


Luminous FluxΦVIF=350mA30
Peak WavelengthλpIF=350mA--630--nm
Dominant WavelengthλdIF=350mA--
Spectrum Line Halfwidth△λIF=350mA--25--nm
Forward VoltageVF IF=350mA1.8--2.4V
Viewing Angle2θ1/2  IF=350mA--60/140--deg
Reverse CurrentIRVR=5V--

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1W 3W red led

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