1W High Power 6PINs RGB LED

1W (or 3W) high power type RGB (or other tricolor) LEDs, 140 degree view angle. It has 6 PINs. The position of the three chips can be customized. High lumen flex and long lifespan.
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1W high power 6PINs RGB LED

1W (or 3W) high power type RGB (or other tricolor) LEDs, 140 degree view angle. It has 6 PINs. The position of the three chips can be customized. High lumen flex and long lifespan.


• Well-known chip material, Epileds

• 99.99% gold wire bonding

• Full color spot, well color consistency

• R, G, B, three color in one Package

• High flux per LED

• Low-temp & lead free reflow soldering

• More energy efficient than incandescent and most halogen lamps

• Low Voltage DC operated

• Instant light(less than 100ns)

• No UV

high power RGB led dimension



1. The Anode side of the emitter is denoted by "+" Sign in the lead frame.

2. Electrical insulation between the case and the board is required. Do not electrically connect either the anode or cathode to the slug.

3. Drawing not to scale.

4. All dimensions are in millimeters.

5. Unless otherwise indicated, tolerances are ± 0.2mm.

6. Please do not bend the leads of the LED, otherwise it will damage the LED.

7. Please do not use a force impact or pressure on the lens of the LED, otherwise it will cause a catastrophic failure.

RGB led light

Part NoPower(W)Emitting Color

Color Wavelength(nm)

Luminous Flux


Forward Voltage(V)

Forward Current(mA)


RGB led application

lighting LED

Soldering Conditions

• When soldering High Power Led, Heat may affect the electrical and optical characteristics of the LEDs.

• In soldering, do not stress the lead frame and the resin part under the high temperature.

• The silicone part should be protected from mechanical stress or vibration until the High Power 

Led return to room temperature after soldering.

• Preliminary heating to be at 140˜160°C max, for 120 seconds max.

• Soldering heat to be at 260°C max, for 3 seconds max.

• For manual soldering is not more than 3 seconds at max 260°C, under soldering iron.

high power led solder


• Before opening the package, the LEDs should be kept at 30°C or less and 70%RH or less.

• The LEDs should be used within one year.

• After opening the package, the LEDs should be kept at 30°C or less and 30%RH or less.

• The LEDs should be used within one month after opening the package.

• If the moisture absorbent material(silicone) has fade away or the LED have exceeded the storage time, baking treatment should be performed using the following conditions. Baking treatment: 60°C±5°C for 48 hours.

Static Electricity

• Static electricity or surge voltage damages the High Power LED. It is recommended that a wrist band or an anti-electrostatic glove be used when handing the LEDs.

• A tip soldering iron is requested to be grounded, An ionizer should also be installed where risk of static.

• All devices, equipment and machinery must be properly grounded, It is recommended that measures be taken against surge voltage to the equipment that mounts the High Power LED.


• Isoprophy Alcohol or Ethylene Alcohol is recommended in 5 minutes at room temperature. Do not use unspecified chemical may cause crack or haze on the surface of the epoxy resin.

• Before cleaning, a pre-test should be done to confirm whether any damage to the LED will occur.

• Freon solvent should not be used to clean the LEDs because of worldwide regulations.

Heat generation

• When the LEDs are illuminating, operating current should be decided after be considering the ambient maximum temperature.

• Please consider the heat generation of the LED when it is designed the PCB.

• The LEDs must be mounted on metal core PCB or heat sink or applied thermal pad.

Handing LED

ZHIDING Electronics recommends the following at all times when handing LEDs or assemblies containing the these LEDs:

• When handing the LED with tools like Tweezer or Nipper, do not apply Mechanical Forces directly on LED's Surface.

• Do not touch with hand LED Lens surface directly. It may contaminate the Lens surface and affect on optical characteristics.

• LED should be handled from side because LED's molding material may be damaged with scratching on surface, piercing molding material and broking wire.

high power led

led shipping

6 PINs rgb led


Q1. How long of your delivery time?

A1. 5-7 days for samples, 1-2 weeks for formal order.

Q2. Can you provide customization and OEM service?

A2. Yes, we offer customization and OEM service, please tell us your requirements clearly.

Q3. What chip you usually use for your led?

A3. Normally we use Taiwan chip. We will choose suitable chip for different leds.

Q4. What is your main products?

A4. Dongguan Zhiding Electronics Technology Co., LTD is a high-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing, designing and selling high quality LED lighting and LED related products. We have SMD LEDs, Dip leds, High Power LEDs, Piranha LEDs, IR LEDs and UV LEDs and so on. Welcome to receive your inquiry.

Q5. Will you deliver the right goods as ordered? How can I trust you?

Before shipping, we will check the goods again, to confirm the right goods. Our led lifespan is 2 years, any questions you can ask to us freely. 

Most of the regular items, we are stocked, so we have an advantage in the delivery period. In the absence of inventory, we will arrange production as soon as possible according to customer needs. Providing quality service to customers is the basic premise of our sales. Welcome to inquire about our products!

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