Led Emitting Diode 3mm

3mm dip diode led, we have all shape tapes. Small size, full colors with cheap price.
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Description of product

Led emitting diode 3mm, have all colors. Below is specification for 3mm purple led.

Lens ColorColorless
Lead FrameAg plating ironwork Alloy

itemsymbolconditional valueMin.Typ.Max.Unit
forward currentVFIF = 20mA3.2--3.4V
reverse currentIRVR = 5V----10uA
wave lengthWdIF=20mA395--405nm
visual angle2θ½IF=20mA30--60deg


Dimension of product

led emitting diode 3mm

Picture of Product

led emitting diode 3mm

led emitting diode 3mm

led emitting diode 3mm Applications:

The display screen of indoor and outdoor 

Architectural decorative lighting 

Backlighting for signage letters 

Portable equipment 


Traffic lights 

Automotive lights 

Mood lighting, LED modules

led emitting diode 3mm


1.One normal delivery will include all ranks listed above.

2.The quantity ratio of  the ranks is decided by LaiSuo

3.Measurement Uncertainty of the Luminous intensity : ±15%

4.Measurement Uncertainty of the Dominant Wavelength : ±1.0nm

led emitting diode 3mm

Welding conditions

Pb-free reflow burst temperature profile

Reflow soldering should not exceed twice

Don't press the LED light when welding

Do not distort the circuit board when the temperature does not fall back to normal temperature after soldering

Why Choose US?

1. Manufacturer direct sale, high quality product and competitive price.

2. Environmental-friendly material and high tech.

3. First order, mix order accepted.

4. New models of product updated every week.

5. Before Delivery We Will Make Double Check Strictly And Packing Carefully, If You Find Any Defective Products We Will Give You The New For Replacement Or Return Money To You.

Further information:

Please advise size, logo and other detail information, which will help us a lot to offer a quick and accurate quotation.

More fashion designs and colors are available, welcome customized designs.

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led emitting diode 3mm

3mm dip diode led, we have all shape tapes. Small size, full colors with cheap price.

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