3mm Led Emitting Diode

3mm dip diode led, we have all shape tapes. Small size, full colors with cheap price.
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3mm led emitting diode

For 3mm dip leds, It is the most common size and is also a hot item. Color diffused lens are generally used as indicator lights, and water clear lens are used for illumination. At the same time, it can also be built-in resistor 12V or 24V to connect directly to the power supply.

Technical data

3mm led emitting diode 

Part NumberEmitted ColorWD(nm)/ CCT.(K)Lens ColorVf(V) IF=@20mAIv(mcd) IF=@20mAViewing Angle
AL-L031SRC-L1-MRed625Water Clear1.82.41000
AL-L031VGC-LP-MYellow Green570
AL-L031TGC-LA-MTrue Green5252.63.4100002000030
AL-L032SRD-LP-MRed625Color Diff.1.82.430060035
AL-L032VGD-L0-MYellow Green5701.82.4308035
AL-L032TGD-L1-MTrue Green5252.63.41000300035
AL-L032SRW-LP-MRed625White Diff.1.82.430050035
AL-L032VGW-L0-MYellow Green5701.82.4308035
AL-L032TGW-L1-MTrue Green5252.63.41000300035
AL-L031CWC-L4-MCool White10000Water Clear2.63.44000900030
AL-L031NWC-L4-MNeutral White60002.63.44000900030
AL-L031WWC-L4-MWarm White30002.63.44000900030

3mm led emitting diode

led emitting diode 3mm Applications:

The display screen of indoor and outdoor 

Architectural decorative lighting 

Backlighting for signage letters 

Portable equipment 


Traffic lights 

Automotive lights 

Mood lighting, LED modules

3mm led emitting diode


Low power consumption.

Versatile mounting on P.C. board or panel.

Popular 3mm diameter.

Reliable and rugged.

RoHS compliant.

3mm led emitting diode

This size and type of led is so popular because it is bright, easy to use, small, and versatile. It can fit in most all spaces. The trait that sets this LED apart from others in a similar category is that it is a wide Angle light. This means that the light is more spread out and not so direct. This can help out a lot when trying to illuminate something in small spaces.

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3mm led emitting diode


Q1. Do you have any certifications for your products?

A1. Yes, All of led have SGS certification.

Q2. Can we get a sample for reference?

A2. Yes, samples are free but the postage will be collected

Q3. How long of your delivery time??

A3. 5-7 days for samples, 1-2 weeks for formal order.

Q4. Can you produce smd led strip?

A4. Yes, we offer customization and OEM service, please tell us your requirements clearly, we can produce smd led strip to you.

3mm led emitting diode

For 3mm leds,the most popular is led with inside resistor 12V or 24V, welcome to your inquiry!

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