12V 3mm White LED

Package: 1000pcs/bag,anti-static bag Color: warm white (2500-3500K), neutral white (5000-7000K), cool white (>9000K) Size: 3.0x5.2mm Voltage: 12V Current: 20mA
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12V 3mm White LED

Package: 1000pcs/bag,anti-static bag

Color: warm white (2500-3500K), neutral white (5000-7000K), cool white (>9000K)

Size: 3.0x5.2mm

Voltage: 12V

Current: 20mA

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12V 3mm white led have a built in resistor, can used for 12V voltage directly. It is widely used on car dashboard,Instrument Clusters.

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Dongguan Zhiding Electronics Technology Co., LTD is a hightech enterprise specialized in manufacturing, designing and selling high quality LED lighting and LED related products.

LED light-emitting diodes use matters needing attention

1. Use current:

A: The normal operating current of the LED LAMP is 20mA, and small fluctuations in the voltage (eg, 0.1V) will cause large fluctuations in the current.

B: Over-current protection: Excessive current will cause the LED lamp to burn out and the brightness to decay.

C: The LED should work under the same current condition. It is generally recommended that the LED use a current of 15-18mA. If the current is too large, the LED will shorten the service life. The current is too small to reach the required light intensity.

2. Brightness test and product instructions

A: The current must be set to 20mA when testing voltage, brightness, and band, IR is 10uA when testing VR, and VR is set to 5V when testing IR.

B: When using products with spectrophotometric separation, please sort and use according to the sequence of BIN numbers. Products with different grades of BIN number (marked on each package's product label) cannot be mixed on the same product.

3. Welding conditions

A: The LED cannot be powered during welding

B: When soldering with a soldering iron, the maximum power of the soldering iron is 30W, the maximum temperature of the soldering iron tip is 280 degrees, and the maximum preheating time is 60 seconds. The maximum welding time must not exceed 3 seconds. When using dip soldering, the maximum temperature must not exceed 260 degrees. The time must not exceed 5S.

C: Soldering iron welding position: more than 4mm above the bottom surface of colloid; dip welding position: more than 3mm from the bottom surface of colloid.

D: When welding or heating, before the temperature returns to normal, you must avoid any shock or external force to the LED. We recommend using a jig to fix the welding.

Our Advantages:

1. 10 years professional LED manufacturer

2. Experienced workers and advanced equipment

3. High quality products and best service

4. Factory direct supplier price concessions

5. Customized design, OEM and ODM are available

6. Support small and large purchases

We are glad to provide free samples to you for testing. Welcome to receive your inquiry!

12V 3mm White LED

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