10mm Flashlight Led White Chip Led

10mm white color high brightness 10000-30000mcd 0.06W LED
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10mm flashlight led white chip led

Manufacturer: Dongguan ZHIDING

Part Number: AL-L011NWC-LA-M

Mounting: Through Hole

Lead/Terminal Type: Radial

Number Leads/Terminals: 2

Material: InGaN

Color: Neutral White

RoHS Compliant: Yes

Shape: Round

Termination Method: Solder

Size (mm): 10

Additional Information for 10mm neutral white led

LED Lamps 

Jumbo, Super Bright 

Lens Type: Diffused/Water

Material: InGaN 

Color Temperature: 5000-7000K

Forward Voltage (IF=20mA): 2.6-3.4V 

Luminous Intensity (IF=20mA): 10000-30000mcd 

Half Intensity Angle: 30 -60 

10mm led brightness.jpg

10mm led flashlight

If you want to look for more higher brightness 10mm type leds, These LEDs(10mm 0.5W white leds) will blow you away! They are 20-30 Times brighter than our 5mm/8mm LEDs! Using the latest technology they consume 0.5 Watts of power and give light output comparable to a 4-8 watt light bulb!

10mm 0.5W leds

Production process for lamp leds

The size refers to the outside diameter of the LED, with 5mm being the most common LED model. 3mm LEDs are the smallest and used in tight-fitting applications. 8mm and 10mm models are used to output as much light as possible.

Welcome to receive your inquiry about our products, we also have PCBA service, Can complete the design, production and assembly of PCB, according to customer requirements.

10mm outdoor led screen

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